Friday, March 13, 2009


Forex! Forex! Forex! How do I get started? Reading books on Forex is not all you need to be equipped in Forex trading, you also need to practice with a Forex demo-account. Yes I said a demo-account because that is what you need first before thinking of a live account. There are too many Forex brokers online today also be warned that scams are also out there in form of brokers. In opening a Forex account, one need to be careful.

But, don't worry because I will be recommending a tested Forex broker to make it easier for you searching for one.

Apart from having a good trading skill, having a good online broker has a lot to add to your trading success. It is pertinent that you open your eyes widely while choosing your broker by considering the factors below:

Low trade commissions: In Forex, the commission you pay your broker is called a spread. This is the difference between the bid and ask price. Choose brokers that charge low minimum spread like two pips per trade.

Good customer service: use brokers who can answer you with good customer relationship. You can try this by sending an inquiry mail to see how fast they respond to you.

Free trade tools available from a broker. This includes provision of an understandable trading platform, indicators, enough currency instrument etc.

Account minimum depending on your reach. Brokers use varying minimum account opening deposit so, you use broker whose account minimum you can afford. An investor who has only $200 to start trading Forex will look for those brokers that can allow him trade with that little amount.

Account security: this is very important to avoid working for another man’s pocket. How far can the broker protect your account against scam?

International exposure: Their services, did it extend to your area? So you need to check out for those ones that have extended coverage to your area.


You need not to worry because I will be recommending a broker that has all these attributes mentioned above; all for you.

You don't need to deposit your money with them before you can start trading so, why not try it out now?

Click this link , and register with MARKETIVA.COM to see things for yourself.

*You will be given one account instantly with two desks: demo-account desk and live account desk all in one platform.

*You will receive a FREE $5 in your live account and up to $20,000 in your demo-account. Start trading with your free $5 immediately as you like.

*Whether you are in for micro account or standard account the platform is so easy to enable you type in the quantity of trade you want to embark on even 1 unit.

*Discover an excellent customer service. The platform includes a "DISCUSSION" page where you chat directly with the companies support and other traders while you make your trade. Feel free to ask your questions and get an instant answer from the discussion page.

*Enjoy MARKETIVA low spread trades and register here

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  1. I am trading with Marketiva what i like is their market discussion page it makes it easy for me to connect and chat with forex gurus while trading. Again the ability to use flexible units of trade (lot sizes).

    I love metetrader4 thats the only thing i miss using marketiva but i also make use of meta sosftware in analysing my trades




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