Thursday, October 22, 2009


Swing trading is a method of trading which aims to take advantage of the swings that price makes as it moves from level to level. Unlike other styles of trading, swing traders usually aim to open and hold a trade for several days to a week. Because of this, there are certain tips or strategies that a trader should implement to take advantage of the movements that price makes.

1. Trade for the long term - Swing trading is a medium long style of trading. Unlike day trading which opens and closes trades within a single day period, swing traders are holding trades for several days. This is necessary to catch and ride the swings as price moves up and down in the market. Holding trades for too short a period of time may result in you getting out too soon before price begins its next swing.

2. Plan your trade and trade your plan - It can't be said enough. Any trader needs to make sure that they have a solid trading plan or strategy before opening any trade. If you don't have a plan then don't trade, at least not live. Spend your time demo trading and developing your own style of trading before you go live.

The best tips for swing trading are to be patient so you can catch the next big price swing and follow a plan. To swing trade effectively, you must be patient and have a proven system that allows you to take advantage of the swings that price makes as it moves along through the market.


  1. Thanks for this beautiful post, it gave me clearer understanding of swing trading. Doing better in my swing trading now i never look at long term.

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