Thursday, May 14, 2009


Here, technical traders will be receiving a daily technical analysis on EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and USD/CHF. This will be revealing the resistance and support levels from daily and weekly charts represented giving traders the trading ideas they can use for the day.
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The Euro versus Dollar pair was able to form a bearish technical pattern, seen in the image above, with a neckline at 1.4615. We expect the pair to decline on the intraday and short term basis, targeting 1.4360 before extending declines towards 1.4275. The stochastic indicator is showing oversold signs, which may result in a slight upside correction to retest the above mentioned neckline before continuing the expected decline, which will remain as far as 1.4765 is intact. Our opinion is selling the pair from 1.4615 to 1.4500 and stop loss above 1.4705 might be appropriate.


The USD/JPY pair reached the expected downside target to hit the key support for the downside channel at 88.55, seen in the image above, where we expect the pair to incline on the short term basis towards 94.00; supported by positive signs on momentum indicators. The first resistance, which may be an obstacle for the pair is at 90.30, where a breakout of this level will open the way for today's target at 91.60. This incline remains as far as 88.50 is intact. Our opinion is buying the pair with the breach of 90.30 to 91.60 and stop loss below 89.55 might be appropriate.


The Dollar versus Swissy pair continued to surge to the upside to touch the key resistance of the minor bullish channel that is taking the pair to the upside on the short term. From the image above, we see a minor resistance level is currently the neckline for a possible bullish technical pattern, which may reverse the pair to the downside in correctional movements to reach 1.0300, before rebounding to the upside and completing the pattern by breaching the 1.0365 level and open the way towards 1.0550. This incline is valid as far as 1.0365 is intact on the four hour charts.

Our opinion is buying the pair from 1.0300 to 1.0450 and stop loss below 1.0205 might be appropriate.


The 23.6% correction limited further inclines for the pair, where it reversed to the downside to near the 38.2% correction for the bullish wave, seen in the image above. The short and medium term declines may face volatility near the current support at 1.5745, as momentum indicators show the possibility for a slight upside correction towards 1.5870 before reversing back to the downside towards 1.5555, as far as 1.6150 remains intact.

Our opinion is selling the pair from 1.5870 to 1.5745 and stop loss above 1.5940 might be appropriate.


These analyses are for information purposes only. They DO NOT post a BUY or SELL recommendation for any of the financial instruments herein analyzed. The information is obtained from a generally accessible data sources. The forecasts made are based on technical analysis. Ensure a good risk management in carrying all your trades.

...To your trading success!

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  1. I appreciate your effort in updating this daily technical analysis. I use it for morning trades and it helped me a lot.
    I will appreciate it more if you add mid-day trading ideas.



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